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Ron J. Miller - Tax Accountant & Financial Consultant

"Providing individual tax returns in Asheville & Western North Carolina"

Complete Tax Services That Meet Your Needs!

I can file your 1040's, 1120's, personal, small business and State returns for any or all of our 50-states. Multiple States and Partnership 1165's are also no problem. All eligible returns receive e-filing services at no extra cost to get your returns submitted quickly and refunds issued promptly.

Our goal is to help you reduce your tax liability by as much as possible, within the legal limits of the IRS and state authorities. We offer affordable tax services based on the forms required and you will always know your cost before our work begins. Initial consultations are always free. There are never any surprises or hidden fees.

I will meet with you in your home, office at no extra charge or you can set an appointment to meet in my office. You will always receive personalized, prompt and confidential service.

New client's receive 20% OFF their first tax return preparation!

Have you received a Tax Notice, letter from the IRS or any State's Department of Revenue?

If you receive a letter or notice from a taxing authority, it will explain the reason for the correspondence and provide instructions. Many of these letters and notices can be dealt with simply, without having to call or visit an IRS office.

The notice you receive usually covers a very specific issue about your account or tax return. Generally, they will send a notice if they believe you owe additional tax, are due a larger refund, if there is a question about your tax return or a need for additional information.

Receiving tax notices can be a very intimidating experience especially if you respond incorrectly or not in a timely fashion. This can worsen the problem and end up costing you significantly more in tax liability, interest and penalties.

The IRS prefers to work with tax professionals. Sometimes relief is denied simply because of the lack of representation. If you receive any kind of notice call me soon as possible so you can protect your assets and come to a resolution with the IRS or your State taxing authority. Take action quickly to bring your account back into good standing with the IRS or your State. I will make every effort in solving your situation as easily as possible while saving you potentially thousand of dollars and stress!

Are Itemized Deductions Confusing You?

When tax season rolls around, you may begin to bite your fingernails and push the papers to the side. Tax deductions are a tricky subject for most people and many people miss out on one's that you could use to reduce your tax liability. I can help make sure you are claiming the right deductions for your situation.